Welcome to the Kids Corner of OBSCENE NEWG!
Wow, who would have ever guest NEWG would have a kids section?
We are kind of reaching outside our target aduience with this but
hopefully the kids will enjoy it. Even if they don't the adult will.

It is our pleasure to introduce the newest member of our staff,
a long time friend to OBSCENE NEWG.COM, Sandi! You will
find several pieces of her work here along with items by some
of our longtime contributers.

Circle and Square by Sandi

Circle and Square Again by Sandi

Circle and Square Meet Triangle by Sandi

A Bird Story by Sandi

Road Trip to Turd's by Sandi

Bob the Monkey in Monkey Mania by Sandi

My Greg Bear by Brian

Building a Tree House by Kevin

Multicultural Inventors from Around the World by Kevin

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