Limited Articulation
Productions is responsible for all of the animated TV shows done by the crew at Obscene Newg Productions.
Limited Articulations shows have ran on Millersville University and LaSalle University’s campus cable stations.

Animation Creation

Animation Creation is an animated variety show.
Each episode consists of several short animated
stories, music videos, or entertaining bits. Each
episode features one main animation or two slightly
smaller main animations. The shows are wrapped
up in a commentary portion by Kevin and Derek.

In the commentary, Kevin and Derek talk about each animation.
They mention how it was done, or where the idea came from.
Many episodes feature animations by guest animators. So far mostly
by other people involved with Obscene Newg Productions.

The show ran for a total of 10 episodes.
All ten the episodes are available on
YouTube! For more information check out
the Animation Creation Page

Action Figure Adventures

Action Figure Adventures is an animated show about a
bunch of toys trapped in a 7th story dorm room. In the
first episode the toys are inspired by Robin, the college
student collector’s newest toy, that there is something
better outside. For the rest of the show the toys go
through many trial and error attempts to find a way
out of the room.

The entire eight episode series has been written and
animated. The show is currently in post production. We
have been hard at work recording voice actors and editing
the show.

"We are agonizing over every second of it."
- Derek

Some of the toys in the show include: Batman and Robin, GIJoes,
Star Wars, Spiderman, X-men, Mr T, and a Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtle. For more information Action Figure Adventures Page

The Blue Snaggletooth Show

Our next project's in the early development stages.
The Blue Snaggletooth Show will be our follow up to
Action Figure Adventures. The cast (of toys) is made up
of a variety of vintage, new, and custom Star Wars
action figures. The script is coming along nicely
and we've started on some of the props.
Voice actors have not been chosen yet.

We’d like to thank Millersville and LaSalle for playing our show.
Special thanks to everyone who helped us by given us animations to use or for being a voice actor.

Limited Articulation is a division of Obscene Newg Productions