Animation Creation

Animation Creation is an animated variety show.
Each episode consists of several short animated
stories, music videos, or entertaining bits. Each
episode features one main animation or two slightly
smaller main animations. The shows are wrapped
up in a commentary portion by Kevin and Derek.

In the commentary, Kevin and Derek talk about each
animation. They mention how it was done, or where
the idea came from. Many episodes feature animations
by guest animators. Most of the guest animators are
other people involved with Obscene Newg Productions.

The entire ten episode show aired on Millersville
University & LaSalle University's Cable Station.
Some portions of the show have been shown at the
Bucks Fever Film Fest in Doylestown, PA. Other
Colleges in the Pennsylvania State School system
have also shown one or two epsidoes of the show on
their cable station. For the first time the show is
now available online. Check out the links below.

Don't Let's Start
1) Lady Bug Bebop by Derek
2) Kaleidoscope by Derek
3) Paper Moguera by Kevin
4) O! Cruel Master! by Kevin
5) Dancing Robot pt. 1 by Derek
6) Beach Drama by Kevin
7) Computer Love by Derek
8) Godzilla Flick trailer by Derek & Kevin
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek

1) Derek Beats his Shoes by Derek
2) Spider-Man (A Pencil Animation) by Kevin
3) Dirt Haulin'! by Rudy & Alex
4) Brian's Reservoir Dogs, pt. 1 by Brian
5) Paper Godzilla (scary psychedelic version) by Kevin
6) Godzilla Flick (10 Minute edit) by Derek & Kevin
7)Silent Movie trailer by Derek
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek
with Brian, Alex & Rudy

Fly Me to the Moon
1) Moguera's Fantastic Journey by Derek
2) Brian's Reservoir Dogs, pt. 2 by Brian
3) Fight+Win=Prize by Kevin
4) A Terrifying Visual Account of Basement Chaos by Derek
5) Them tricycles just don't play fair by Derek & Kevin
6) Brian's Reservoir Dogs, Part 3 by Brian
7) Pencil Animation #1 by Brian, Kevin, Greg, Keith, Megan, Becky, & Derek
8) Somebody Up There Likes You by Derek
9) Robot+Skull Mountain by Derek
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek
with Brian, Greg, Keith, Becky & Megan

Too Many Robots
Techno Megamix
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek
with C-3P0 & R2-D2

Shadow on the Wall
1) Rydeen Cleans House by Derek
2) Smiely by Brian & Derek
3) Beck's Mom's Birthday by Becky
4) WCMU Station IDs by Kevin
5) Shades of Progress (the Shadow Animation) by Derek
6) Crank it UP!!! (music unboxed) by Greg
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek
with Brian, a letter from Becky, & Greg

Life During Wartime
1) Last-Minute Filler Animation by Derek & Keith
2) Wuzzle Puzzle by Brian & Kevin
3) Sticks+Stones (and flashlight) by Derek
4) Nucleus Abort! by Greg
5) Outside World by Derek
6) Operation: Final Broadcast by Kevin
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek
with Greg & Harrison

Live-Action Creation!
1) Mandate of the Merchant King by Derek, Kevin & Greg
2) The Fall of Rome by Derek
3) Silent Movie Remix 1 by Derek
4) News 56 Typewriter Report by Derek
5) Marbles by Derek
6) Silent Movie Remix part 2 by Derek
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek

Sympathy for the Devil
1) Lite-Brite Animation by Derek & Kevin
2) The warden by Kevin
3) Snow Prints! by Derek & Kevin
4) Brian's Potpurri of Animation by Brian
5) You can't ride him. He's my friend! by Kevin
6) Box O' Imps 'n' Demons
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek
with Brian

Police & Thieves
1) MUPD pt. 1 Lupin's ATM Heist! by Kevin
2) Makin' Art; Movin' Tanks by Derek
3) Brian's Reservoir Dogs, pt. 4 by Brian
4) MUPD pt. 2 Vehicular Mayhem! by Kevin
5) Summer Yellow Chick Day by Derek & Kevin
6) Kung-Fu Puppets Theater by Robert
7) MUPD pt. 3 Mad Science and Amish Crime Collide! by Kevin
8) Alternate-Universe All-Out Jedi Rumble! by Kevin
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek
with Brian

Behind-the-Scenes Extravaganza!
1) The Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek
2) Wage Struggle featuring Kevin, Derek, & Harrison
3) Fundraising featuring Greg
4) Brian's Arrival featuring Brian
5) To the Screening Room! featuring Derek, Brian & Kevin
6)Public Relations featuring Kevin, Derek, Brian, Greg, & the Press

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