Action Figure Adventures

Production Updates

I wanted to post a few show updates/sneak previews
for people interested in Action Figure Adventures.

Here is a screen shot of the Bad Guys. The exciting part about
this scene (from episode 1) is that we just recently rerecorded
Darth Vader's lines and recorded Cobra Commander's. The lines have
been put into the computer and the scene is just about finished, but we
are missing one shot. In that lies a production delay.

A miss placed tripod has slowed production. Be assured it will
be found/returned and production will resume.
Update Tripod recovered
The missing shot has been shot and editied into the scene.

Derek and Kevin recorded more children voice actors for roles in episodes 4 and 5

Kevin talked with voice actor Don Langsdorf (Cobra Commander) about recording the ninja turtle's lines

This is a photo I took after finishing construction of a set/prop.

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